Credit card B

Credit card B is free of foreign transaction fees or annual fee. This makes it a great ally for those who like to travel, as non-sterling card fees can increase significantly even for those who travel a little. As much as you have a good limit when paying your credit card balance, this card also stands out for their low interest rates.

What I like

● No foreign transaction fees – With the lack of a transaction fee, no sterling, credit card B can be a very interesting travel card. Credit cards that are not travel, even charge a 3% fee in average when used to purchase goods or services in a foreign currency different from the pound sterling. In this way, credit card B can help customers traveling internationally to save significant amounts, decreasing the rates of transactions abroad.

● No annual fee – As much as a travel card is more useful for people who travel abroad frequently, the absence of the card’s annual fee it means that it has great appeal. People traveling abroad only once or twice a year you may find that Credit Card B is useful only in other countries, since there is no cost to use it a few times.

● No balance transfer fee – for customers who have some debt another credit card, the lack of fee to transfer the balance on the card credit card can be very interesting. People who pay an interest rate greater than that offered on credit card B are missing the opportunity to save money. Even though it is a travel card, it does not have a Balance transfer can help to attract customers and also helps to highlight you from other cards in the travel business.

● Application B – if you love managing your financial life, you can use the money management features built into the B app. It can help you to stay up to date on your money. And the app can also be used as a credit card.

What could be improved

● Rewards – Although the card offers great savings to consumers due to the lack of transaction fees other than in sterling, he does not has no reward or refund program. That is, 60% of consumers who receive refund benefits on their credit card all the months, can benefit more from a reward card for their spending in the UK. These rewards help to maximize your benefits when use a credit card.

● Offers – several credit card operators offer benefits to attract customers. Among them, offering an introductory interest rate of 0% in new shopping can be very attractive. However, credit card B does not have these offers at the moment.

How does credit card B compare?

The lack of an annual fee for credit card B helps to increase your advertising to a wide variety of consumers, even if they make international trips with less often. The zero balance transfer fee on the card can also help consumers with existing debts to reduce their interest payments.

With the card without rewards or cashback, there may be better chances of benefits elsewhere for customers who prefer to refund their credit card fully every month. Not having introductory benefits available opens up opportunities so that other cards look more attractive, depending on the circumstances personal details of each client.

Credit score

The registration to purchase the card can be done online. The process of filling out the online form takes an average of 15 minutes, according to the company’s website. As with other credit cards, the interest rates announced are significant. This means that the advertised tariff must be offered, by law, to at least 51% of the successful candidates. The other candidates may receive a differentiated fee. So, especially for people who are looking to make a money transfer balance or who may not pay the balance in full each month, it is worth mentioning that a higher interest rate may be included.

How to apply

To apply for a card, applicants must be at least 18 years old, residents of the UK and must not currently have a B credit card. They should also not have requested a B credit card or Gold Mastercard (which is a credit card provided by the same credit card issuer B) for at least the last 2 months. In the same way, people who are currently totally broke or who have had any county court rulings (CCJs) in the past 36 months are not able to receive the card. 

When applying for a card, applicants must provide information such as monthly salary before taxes, monthly expenses, bank information and other credit cards.

Is credit card B right for you?

As there is no charge when used abroad, credit card B can be used interesting for anyone planning to take international trips. It offers a great savings for not having a non-sterling transaction fee for purchases. The lack of a annuity means that it can be very good for a wide range of customers who travel internationally – from frequent travelers to those who travel only a few times.

As a result of the benefits, it may be worthwhile to have credit card B as a travel card option instead of having for everyday use in the UK. Lack of introductory offers in a market like credit card, which can be very competitive, it also means that there may be other more attractive advantages available in the market, depending on the personal needs of each individual.

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