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Sainsbury’s Bank offers a credit card for long-term purchases introductory 0% interest, also offers 0% on balance transfers and points bonus accumulations from the Nectar program. If you are looking for a card that has a very good introductory period, not only for the ease of earning reward points, keep reading.


This card is in the ranking of cards with the longest introductory interest periods of 0% for purchases in the current market, in 20 months. This bonus and points Nectar, transform the card into an attractive offer for Sainsbury’s customers who they buy regularly and want to split the purchase price over more than two years.

What I like about Sainsbury’s purchase credit card Bank

The main offer of the Sainsbury’s Bank purchase credit card is the long period no interest on purchases, but this card has more.

0% introductory rate on purchases – If you are looking for a long period of time without paying interest on your new purchases, this is the right card and offers just that.

The most appealing offer is 0% for up to 20 months, but you can receive less time paying 0% interest, depending on your individual financial history. If you want to make a big purchase, but intend to pay in installments, this card offers up to more than two years to pay off your debt.

Customers who own the card also earn Nectar bonus points – Como happens with other Sainsbury credit cards, users can also benefit of Nectar bonus points when using their cards. You can earn 750 points of bonuses for every £ 35 or more spent on Sainsbury’s purchases in the first two months. You can still earn two Nectar points for every £ 1 spent on fuel purchases from Sainsbury’s, and 1 Nectar point for every £ 5 spent elsewhere. This is all very if you are already a Sainsbury customer.

Other benefits – The card also offers an unusual option to transfer money to your account at a standard interest rate of 4% or a minimum of £ 4) per transfer. This means that if you need and can pay the fee, you can use part of the credit on your card to supplement your income.

It is worth knowing – This benefit is only available to new customers of Sainsbury. To enjoy the benefits, you must make all your payments minimum and do not exceed your credit limit to maintain your rate of 0%.

What could be improved

The Sainsbury’s bank purchase credit card is very good for its 0% fee for long purchases, but could be improved in other ways.

Short Balance Transfer Agreement – The interest-free period for making transfers balance is small, only three months. When do you consider that you would pay a 3% on the transfer amount, means that you would pay £ 30 for every £ 1,000 transferred, does not appear to be an advantage. The balance transfer fee is reversed to the standard APR of the card after the introductory period, so make sure you have I pay the full balance and don’t get caught. 

Loyalty points – The card does not offer many benefits for those who are not buyers from Sainsbury’s, So unless you regularly buy from Sainsbury’s, you will not receive many points from the reward program. And the rescue of Reward points earned cannot be redeemed anywhere, only on specific posts associated with the Nectar program.

How does the credit card purchase offer compare to Sainsbury’s Bank?

With the benefit of the first introductory period of 20 months with 0% interest on purchases, the Sainsbury’s Bank purchase credit card is in one of the first compared to others that cards on the market today. Is important note that some cards, including Sainsbury’s dual gift credit card, also have a 0% balance transfer period that corresponds to that of the offer of purchase of the card, but if your goal is not to make a balance transfer, then you you can’t ask for much more. Even if you are a regular Sainsbury customer, amount of Nectar reward points may be of interest to you.

Credit score of The purchase credit card Sainsbury’s Bank

The bank guarantees that card orders will be reviewed individually and that the fee interest and the credit limit offered will be compatible with the historical data provided. To qualify for the benefit, you must be a new credit card customer from Sainsbury’s Bank and must be resident in the UK for 18 years or more, in addition to a minimum annual income of £ 10,000. 

Applicants should not be denied credit in last month, they should also not be named in county court trials (CCJs) or bankruptcy.

How to apply

You can register online or by phone and enter the code ‘PURCHASE ON THE WEB

to the operator. If you already have a Nectar card, you will need to enter your Nectar card number during registration You will also need to provide a contact phone number and email address, your personal data, home address and other details of your annual income.

The Sainsbury’s Bank purchase credit card issuitable for you?

The Sainsbury’s Bank purchase credit card uses a great selling concept: being the card with one of the longest introductory periods of 0% interest for purchases available these days. You must purchase the card if you wish to do a large purchase and divide the cost for more than 12 months without having to worry about interest. 

If you are already a customer of Sainsbury’s, this can influence your decision, because you can not only accumulate Nectar points with your purchases on Sainsbury’s, but as you can also earn up to 7,500 bonus Nectar points on both first months of use. However, if you need a balance transfer offer, In addition to the long interest-free shopping period, there are several cards available that meet your needs.

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