American express platinum cashback daily credit card

Want to earn a little money every time you make a purchase? The American Express Platinum Cashback daily credit card allows you to do just that. Go to the stores, buy with the American Express credit card and receive up to 1% cashbak, and with this card you will also be free of the annual fee. Keep following this article to learn more about this card.

Our bottom line

Today there are not as many cashback cards as before, and the rewards are not as generous. And that makes the American Express Platinum Cashback card a rare differentiator.

If you’re expecting your card balance every month and don’t need a deal with no balance transfer fee or new purchases, focus on reward points or cashback. The American Express Platinum Cashback daily credit card attracts a 5% refund on purchases every month, up to a maximum of £ 100. Then afterwards, you will receive a continuous refund of up to 1%, it will depend on how much you spend per year. Remembering that all of this is without annual fee.

What I like about the American Express Platinum Cashback daily credit card

Whenever you use the American Express Platinum Cashback credit card it rewards you for buying. With this card, the more you spend, the more you earn, and by spending more than £ 5,001 in one year your refund goes up to 1%.

  • Introductory bonus – American Express wants your business and is willing to pay for it. He welcomes new customers with a 5% refund welcome bonus on all purchases for the first three months, up to a maximum of £ 100. You need to spend £ 2,000 to get the maximum amount.
  • No annual fee – this card does not come with an annual fee. Which means you don’t have to pay anything for the annual subscription.
  • Continuous repayment – Repayment continues to flow after the first three months, but at a slow pace. You get a 0.5% refund on all purchases of £ 1 to £ 5,000, measured over a 12-month period. When your expenses reach £ 5,001, that amount rises to 1% on all additional expenses. You must spend at least £ 3,000 per year to qualify for a refund, otherwise you will not receive anything, nor a welcome bonus.
  • Other benefits – as with most cards, the customer also has up to 56 interest-free credit days for purchases, as long as he pays the balance in full and on time every month. This does not apply to cash advances, however, where you pay an APR of 27.9%, or balance and money transfers, where the APR is 22.9%. The minimum credit limit is £ 700.

What could be improved

This card, American Express Platinum Cashback is one of the most attractive cashback cards in the UK market today, but that doesn’t make it perfect, some complaints are: The short welcome bonus (5% only lasts three months and limited to a £ 100 limit), low reimbursement in progress (you need to spend a minimum of £ 3,000 per year to earn 0.5%), use abroad (a fee is charged to be used outside the country) and high APR on purchases (charged up to 22.9%).

Is the American Express Platinum Cashback daily credit card right for you?

The answer to that question will depend on your own. If you have credit card debt, switch to a 0% balance transfer card and pay. Look for a card with no purchase if you want to avoid interest on your spending for a year or two. If you want cashback, this is the first place, especially if you spend more than £ 5,001 a year. Make sure that you can clear your balance each month, or else you will get APR of 22.9%. Also, don’t be buying things unnecessarily just to achieve your cashback goals.

American Express Platinum Cashback daily credit card credit score

To avoid wasting time, be sure to meet the criteria before applying. You must be at least 18 years old, have a permanent home address in the UK and you must also have a current account with a UK company or real estate bank.

If you have or have had credit problems at some point, unfortunately you may not be able to purchase this card. Because American Express does not accept people with a history of default.

How to apply

As with any credit card application, you must first gather all the information you are likely to need. As personal data, your name, address, sex, date of birth and nationality. Also, have your passport or driver’s license number ready, if you have one, to verify your identity and a bank or electricity bill statement as proof of address.

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